Thursday, June 30, 2011


Hello to all, wherever you are from! Welcome and thanks for stopping by!

Like Sarah mentioned in the previous post, we have both traveled a bit and have our other "life" blogs, but we wanted to dedicate a blog especially to travel. We also wanted to have a place where we all, you included, can share our stories, have a good laugh or one of those oh-my-gosh-that's-happened-to-me moments. We would also like to share in each other's strengths -- we all know that some of the situations we have been in seemed really hard at the time and it is nice to hear how other people deal with the difficulties of being on the road. 

We are just getting started, but really want your help, not only with comments and input, but we want your stories too. There are several ways you can contribute.

1. Click on the How Do You Rock? page. There is a questionnaire there that you can either fill out entirely or use to help you get an idea for a story. Please feel free to answer any or all of the questions. You can also send us a story. Our email address is on that page as well as over here >>>> on the sidebar.

2. Ask questions! We would love to have our posts be about questions that you have: about travel, about how to deal with traveling alone or with a friend for a long time,  or about which parts of Johannesburg to avoid. We will try to answer your questions if we can, and if not, we have a network of people we have met on the road who probably know the answer!

3. Last but not least, if you know any traveling friends who may have a story, please share this site with them so we can hear what they have to say as well. You can click on the buttons below this post to share this by email, Facebook, Twitter or blog!

Also, please go and check out our Why We Rock The Road page. You can leave a comment to say HI and let us know Why You Rock!

Don't forget to look at Sarah's explanation of where this idea came from!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What is this?!?

Hello dear new reader/writer!!!

My name is Sarah and I've been traveling for the past year plus with my husband and it rocked!

I met a fellow travel blogger named Kyria in Malawi Africa at a bus stop one year ago along with our significant others and ever since, we've stayed in touch reading each other's blogs while continuing our travels in different parts of the world!  She continually inspired me thru her blog to keep updating my travel blog, which in turn inspired the idea for this very blog!

I've been waking up with a particular thought every morning that there should be somewhere (via internet or otherwise) for women who love to travel to be able to share their stories and experiences that they've had/are having/will have on the road with fellow lady travelers!  

Funny. Sad.  Crazy. Tiring.  Death defying.
People screaming angrily at you in other languages.
People laughing at you, but you don't know why.
Men hitting on you and you aren't quite sure how to react!

Perhaps you've been there?

Let's face it, there are plenty of hilarious/weird/awkward moments on the road that happen to us, but sometimes you may not want to post it on your own blog where Uncle Bob might read it and accidentally have a heart attack!

Kyria and I want to create a place for women to have a voice in their experiences as travelers....memories, places, photos, things, cultures, stories, transportation nightmares and all the thoughts and feelings that come with it!  If you've been or want to be on a dusty road somewhere, your thoughts are welcome here!  Please share your stories, lists, photos and crazy moments with us!