Monday, August 22, 2011

running the road

Exercising while different.

When we were in Asia, it was always too hot to work out during the day.  We could have forced ourselves in the mornings/evenings, but it just felt wrong.  Walking thru a small town, you will almost always see a class being attended by all the local ladies doing dance aerobic type Tai Chi of some kind and rocking it!

In Africa, we never quite had enough energy/there were animals that could eat us/it wasn't super safe to venture out running around by myself....I definitely didn't see many people working out, although a lot of travel is done slowly by foot/hitch hiking.

In Europe I spent all my time wanting to walk around the beautiful streets and goggle at anything...who needs running, when you can move at a snails pace with your head in the architecture?!?

In South America, I did my best to hit the pavement in the morning before the heat set in, but I was generally the only gal on the sidewalks out of breath....and it can be difficult getting across streets safely without getting hit by cars/bikes/trucks/mopeds/taxis/buses.  It's really annoying.  A lot of Latina ladies attend Yoga/Pilates classes, rather then be assaulted by smog, cat calls, oggling and the intense glare of the sun.

This all being said, now that I've been back in the States for a few months, I feel almost unpatriotic not lacing up for a jog.  The concept of running for me personally has sort of lost its sparkle, which is a shame when I see so many around me doing it on gorgeous running paths along lakes parks with perfect weather for such activities!  My husband and I both noticed on first returning to the east coast how much running and the idea of an after/before work exercise session is so popular in the States.  To quote him "now this is something America does right!"

Perhaps just writing this will be the final push I need to get moving on my feet again!  I mean, if my goal is to thoroughly enjoy my culture to the max, when in Rome Wisconsin!

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