How Do YOU Rock?

Please feel free to answer all or any of these questions, then send them back to us HERE and we will post them on our site. OR if you would rather just tell a story, please do so and send that to us instead ( addition to)!!!


Your Name:

Your Location:

The Farthest You’ve Gone From Home (Why? Did you like it?):

Your Dream Destination (Why?):

The best travel experience you have had?:

The worst?:

The Weirdest Thing You’ve Eaten (Did you like it?):

The craziest thing you’ve done?:

The strangest transportation you’ve taken?

Travel with a friend/partner or solo?  How’d it go?  Pros/cons?

The most interesting place you’ve slept (Why?)

The food you missed the most from home while away?

That one thing you took with you that you were so happy to have?

That one thing you really needed and couldn’t find anywhere?

A place you would go back to?

A culture shock that shook you up?

A reason you might stay home?

A lesson you learned the hard way you’d like to pass along?

Is there a country where women have it great?

Did you ever think  “I could totally live here forever!”? (Where?)

Once again, you can send the answer to these questions, your own stories or any questions you may want us to answer to travelspot06 at gmail dot com.

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