Why We Rock The Road

Kyria will work for travel. 

I work, save money, travel and then repeat. I have been to every continent except Antarctica.  I believe that traveling opens your mind, challenges you to do things that you may not have tried before, makes you braver and stronger and happier.

I have had some hard times while traveling: near death experiences, uncomfortable nights, sticky situations and crude comments. However, I have gotten through them and am a better person for it. Over all, I have had fun, I have learned things about life, other cultures and about myself.

I met Sarah in Malawi. She was a skinny little pale girl among darker men. We bonded over an "Obama" (pastry ball).

Now we are here to tell you some of our stories and to hear yours, so we can all have fun, learn about life and learn things from each other. We hope to make travel even more fun and more easy through our stories (and mistakes). You can email me at travelspot06 at gmail dot com.

Sarah longs for the open road!

I was born in St. Paul Minnesota, but I have spent the majority of my adult life in Madison Wisconsin studying the drums and working fun odds n ends jobs.  Then life got crazy!  In January 2010, in a great moment of terror and excitement, my husband and I quit our jobs, sold all of our stuff and flew to our first stop of many to Tokyo Japan.   We then spent 17 months wandering around the planet visiting 20 or so countries in 4 continents and it was AWESOME!  

For all of the incredible places I saw, there will always be more I want to see!  There were definitely tough travel days with funky food, questionable accommodations and long hours spent on unusual forms of transportation (part of how Kyria and I met), but those are the stories I ended up cherishing the most sitting around a table sharing our crazy adventures with friends and family.  

I can't wait to hear your stories and tell you some of mine!  In the moment of a travel mishap or misunderstanding with locals, sometimes things aren't very fun, but looking back, I can't believe I did all that I did and I'm so happy for it!  I can't wait for my next adventure!  You can email me at sarahdevore at gmail dot com.

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