Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Now I know!

I know I was supposed to "find myself" or "figure myself out" while spending time traveling.
Self awareness, self realization and all that...well...this is as far as I got:
  • I'm not a beach person.  I like about 30 minutes max, if that, per day and beyond that, no thank you! 
  • I hate the 30 seconds spent between getting out of the water and into my sandals when my feet get covered in beach sand....bleuk!
  • I enjoy a diet rich in multiple varieties of carbs.  Rice.  Bread.  Pasta.  Cous Cous.  Interspersed.  Awesomeness!  2 months straight of only rice or only bread....I get a little wiggy.
  • If everything fails, the best thing I can do is sit down and shut up....do I do this?  Nope.
  • Eggs.  I really love them!  Fried sunny side up particularly.  I'll eat them any other way as well...accept raw......that was gross.  
  • I would prefer to be too cold then too hot.
  • I looooove eating fried chicken off the bone...num num num num num.
  • I really don't have to pee (have access to a restroom) all the time!
  • I'll take Fanta over a Coke.
  • I'll take a beer over a bottle of water I have to pay for...especially if they're the same price!
  • I really suck at languages...but I try anyways!
  • I'm not a good driver...anywhere
  • I would rather walk 3 miles in the heat, starving, then get ripped off by a taxi driver
  • I can't stand when people try to push things on me....even if I want what they're pushing
  • I really love washing dishes.
So.  What does it all mean?!?

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