Monday, November 21, 2011

the itch

Nope...I'm not talking about sand flies in the Perhentian Islands of Malaysia
(although those are quite a nuisance and not so fun)

sorry...gross photo....but I make my point.
I'm talking about that intense pressure in the back of your brain, that slight hint of something missing when you're sitting at work looking at travel blogs, that nervous tension on the bottoms of your feet that they should be moving!!!!

When we first got back from traveling, (the first 2-3 months back) we immediately started planning and thinking about the next...unpacking, buying new pairs of socks and finally putting away our kitchen once seemed like anything was still possible and if we didn't like it here, we could simply pack up and go.

Now it's been almost 6 months since our return from snail living (all our belongings on our backs) and I'll admit, the idea of getting back to wandering the world is slowly fading into the distance and disappearing from view and survival/scheduling/priorities/education have hit home instead....the itch is still there, but the reality of daily life has definitely set in once again.

I'm wondering if there are others out there with this odd dilemma and how they feel/deal about it.
What do other travelers do to hold on to that hope and start saving once again for that next great crazy trip.  I know the majority of people don't really get what I'm talking about.....especially with the photo I've just featured....why would you want to be homeless and wandering about in another country far from home....but for me, it's always a shadow in the background that makes me wonder more so...what am I doing here?

That all being said, there is plenty to appreciate in non travel life.
A bed!
A bathroom of my own!
A stove/condiment shelf and coffee pot!

But that crazy adrenaline rush of wondering where we might be tomorrow....
There's nothing like it!

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