Tuesday, September 20, 2011

10 Beautiful Places (1)

There are so many beautiful places in the world. It is hard to say which ones are better than which other ones. So, this list is not necessarily The Most Beautiful places, only ten beautiful places in the world that I have been (excluding the US this time, because I could name 10 in this country alone!) I have more than this already, so there will definitely be a sequel. Also, I don't plan on quitting travel any time soon, so I am sure there will be even more someday! When you are done with this one, if you want another great list, you can also check out my 10 Great Experiences In The World to Try.

Here they are, in no particular order. 

1. Lençóis MaranhensesThese sand dunes in Brazil are constantly changing. In the wet months, their low points fill with water and the combination of the rippling white sand with the blue, blue water is just breathtaking. You can swim in the pools between dunes. If you go at sunset, you will get great views (if it isn't cloudy and rainy like it was when we were there). 

2. Gjirokastër:  Built in the 1300s, this city is all built from stone (even the shingles on the roofs). It was under Ottoman rule for hundreds of years and is one of Albania's biggest Greek communities today.It is like being in a vampire movie, but not in a bad way.

3.Queenstown: This New Zealand town probably appeals to me becuase it reminds me of where I grew up. Nonetheless, it is a beauty. I was there in the summer time, but in the winter, the above peaks are covered in snow and this town is a skiers mecca. 

4. Kotor, Montenegro: Everywhere that I went in Montenegro was beautiful (see also Durmitor). However, this idyllic bay setting was top notch. The city of Kotor itself is a walled city made from stone and fortified upon it's surrounding mountains. You should definitely go here instead of (or in addition to) going to Dubrovnik.

5.Himalayas: Hiking in the Himalayas for 3 weeks was one of the highlights of my trip around the world. I will go back there someday, as there are many, MANY more mountains I want to conquer!

6.Patagonia, Argentina: This photo is of Mt. Fitz Roy.The peaks were so steep and formidable and rocky; the lakes were so, so blue. The hiking was great. What more could you ask for!?

7. Patagonia, Chili: It looks like Yosemite, doesn't it? Well it's not; it's Torres del Paine. We spent nine days hiking up and down and around these peaks and it was wonderful. Each new turn showed us something different, a lake, a glacier or a new mountain.

8. Cartagena:  This city in Columbia was full of color and music and life. And fresh fruit juice. And a HUGE iguana. You could spend a couple days just wandering around it's neighborhoods.

9.Whitehaven Beach: Located in the Whitsunday Islands of Australia, this inlet, called the Hill inlet, like the Lençóis Maranhenses, changes each day when the wind moves the sands. This makes it have patterns of sand and water that are different each day. Also the beach nearby is a beauty, with white sand and clear warm water. Just watch out for Jellyfish!

10. Venice: Okay, I had to put one "classic" on here. Any city near or in this case ON the water is usually not bad, but Venice has the added bonus of having great architecture as well. I chose the photo above because everyone has already seen all the cliche gondola photos. This one caught my eye. How romantic, right?

Going over this list makes me want to revisit ALL these places! Sigh. Am starting a piggy bank now.

What is the most beautiful place YOU have been to? Let us know in the comments! 

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  1. Oh wow - those are such beautiful pictures! i have been to one of your places - Queenstown! I was there at the end of their winter, so I got to see some snow in the area. It reminded me of a ski town I worked in during college breaks in Colorado (Steamboat).

    I think the most beautiful places I have visited are Paris and Prague.

  2. New Zealand i soo want to visit there.. It looks so pretty!

  3. Albania is on my list purely based on your recommendation! Some day I'll get there!