Friday, September 16, 2011

where to next?

Do you look up at the sky when you hear an airplane and wonder where it's heading/wish you were on it?

I do!

My husband has it down to airline companies, times and directions...
"Delta....definitely Delta...on its way to Detroit" ....sigh....
He likes to fly, despite the annoyances of carry on sized shampoos, security check points and waiting around forever...he loves the romanticism of being in one place one moment and somewhere that looks completely different within hours.....and now he's gotten me addicted as well!

Flying Delta to Santiago...pure joy

I love to hear about where my friends are traveling to, what they eat, what they see, how they liked it....
and of course this makes me crave to hit the road again even more!

(If you catch the travel bug, it doesn't matter where you've want more!...there's never enough time to do it all, not even mentioning all the incredible places I'd like to return to!)

One place in particular has been on my mind for months, due to beautiful photos of hillsides and spicy foods and crazy looking fruits, stories of adventures and simply the look people have in their eyes when they speak of how much they love this particular makes me itch to buy a ticket right now!

The Nam (River) Ou in Northern Laos
Where to next?  Vietnam!
The North, the South and the in between.  We managed to get to Indonesia Malaysia, Thailand and Laos n Southeast Asia, but we ran out of time to reach Vietnam and Cambodia...there's never enough time!  My husband wants to go along of course, but for him, he's more excited to see Borneo, or perhaps parts of China, maybe even jump on the Trans Siberian in Russia ...let's just say he has a much longer list of required places to visit...he's a dreamer!

A juice stand in Thailand
I love to ask people where they'd like to travel to next if they could, because I can almost feel their spirits getting lighter and happier as they dream of their next crazy endeavor and share it with me.  Of course there are always the realities of jobs and leases, saving enough money and thinking responsibly to the future....but as my husband likes to say, "dreaming is free!"

Where would you like to go next?!?

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